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Two years ago, Mrs. Erickson escaped physical and psychological violence by her then husband from the USA and father of their daughter Diana by returning to her home country Austria. This was followed by a long legal dispute in which Mrs. Erickson was accused, among others, of child abduction. The attempts to find an amicable solution for the child`s custody were rejected by the father.

Finally, on 20 January 2022, the dreaded happened: Four-year-old Diana in her pyjamas was forcibly dragged out of bed by a police squad to a car waiting outside the front door in the early hours of the morning, without being able to say goodbye or to take any personal belongings with her.  She was in complete fear.[2]  In the car Diana’s father was waiting. She is terrified of him and suffers from a post-traumatic stress disorder because of him. The first destination of this horror trip was the Vienna airport from where the frightened girl was to be taken to the USA as quickly as possible.

At the airport, however, several supporters and representatives of women’s and victim protection organizations tried, together with Diana’s mother, to prevent the girl’s departure to the USA, with a stopover in Munich, until the last minute.   Diana is now already in the USA and completely isolated there.  She speaks no English.  The child’s father cannot speak German. Furthermore, in the USA she has no confidants who could check how the girl is doing in the hands of this man.

Mrs. Erickson has been facing a large number of lawsuits by the child’s father, the ensuing court proceedings and the immense financial expenses involved. The costs incurred for lawyers, courts, translations, expert opinions, therapy, mediation, etc. far exceed the family’s financial means.

Therefore, we, the Violence-FREE Living Alliance, are turning to you with this appeal for help.  We hope for your financial support and the distribution of this letter. Your donations cannot make up for the suffering Diana’s mother has endured in the last hours/weeks/months, but they can help alleviate the financial burden to a certain extent.

The account below has been set up specifically and exclusively for this purpose.

Account information

Account holder: Julia Erickson

IBAN: AT97 3239 7000 0173 2361


For further information, please contact Teresa Ulleram, Coordination Pffice of the Violence-FREE Living Alliance at teresa.ulleram@interventionsstelle-wien.at.

[1] Collection of various media reports on this case: https://linktr.ee/savediana

[2]  Please see also the interview of 20.01.2022 with Mrs. Erickson


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